About WiO

With linear television and legacy media spending reaching $141B by 2021 and the continued growth of mobile commerce which is expected to reach $420B by 2021 it’s never been more important to connect audiences with media brands.

WiO is the only mobile solution that lets audiences quickly interact across all linear television and legacy media including radio, magazine, print, billboards, in-store and in-theater content to receive the information directly from their favorite media brands right on their mobile devices.

WiO's proprietary solution allows audiences to immediately interact with their favorite media brands by texting SMS WiO “Keywords" to WiO's short code which is placed on the content.

Linear Television & Legacy Media Brands

WiO allows agencies and their clients to create immersive interactive experiences across all media with one solution. No matter which linear television network, cable channel, local affiliate or legacy media property in your campaign, WiO is a simple solution to add engagement.

Linear Television & Legacy Media Partners

Adding WiO to your media content campaigns provides added engagement. WiO deepens your audience relationships by providing additional resources to engage your audience bringing them closer to your media brands.

WiO’s Proprietary Platform

SMS Text

SMS is used by over 220 million U.S. mobile users making it one of the most widely used and leading mobile applications. By utilizing SMS Keywords, WiO quickly creates cross-media engagement campaigns while making it easier for consumers to receive information directly on their device.

Voice Recognition

WiO uses keyword voice recognition and text to engage audiences. Audiences just speak or text the WiO keyword located on media content and they are quickly taken to a dynamic “WiO Action Page” where they can interact multiple ways.

Keyword Pricing Model

WiO pricing model is based on an accountable Cost Per Engagement (CPE) basis. WiO’s CPE pricing is similar to search engine Cost Per Click (CPC) which ranges depending on the category brand.

No Technology Integration

WiO requires no technology integration. WiO’s set-up is fast and simple. Clients purchase keywords from WiO and provide offer information to complete the set-up, which can take minutes. There is no need for audiences to connect to in-home or outdoor WiFi systems or devices. WiO works anywhere, at anytime.

Dynamic Mobile Pages

WiO provides dynamic WiO Action Pages with multiple actions so the user experience is quick and elegant. WiO’s unique and proprietary management system allows client engagement campaigns to be set up in minutes.

Engagement & Post Action Data

WiO can measure the initial engagement and post engagement actions across ALL media including website visits, Geo locations, PDF downloads, save to calendar events, save to contact database, double opt-ins and more. WiO data can be used for integration with programmatic and addressable platforms.

Geo Targeting

WiO can deliver national to hyper local offers from national or local campaigns. When audiences engage with your ad using WiO, offers can be delivered based on their Geo location.

Highly Qualified Audience

WiO’s audience is highly qualified because they choose to engage. Users activate by texting a keyword into the device. If it’s a brand keyword, it provides additional brand recognition.

Information Saved & Shared

After audiences engage, the information is saved in the “My WiO” area on the users device until its expired or deleted this way the user can refer back to the information at anytime. Information can also be shared via social networks, SMS and eMail.

Linear Television

Linear Television is expected to reach $72,000,000,000 by 2021.

Traditional Legacy Media

Legacy Media is expected to reach $64,500,000,000 by 2021.

Digital & Mobile Media

Digital Media is expected to reach $116,200,000,000 by 2021.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce is expected to reach $420,000,000,000 by 2021.

WiO In The News

WiO has received incredible press attention in a number of the industry's leading trade publications.

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